5 Omega 3 Benefits For Healthy lifestyle

Omega-3 are fatty acids which have been proven many health benefits. In particular, they helps to promote heart and brain health, reduce inflammation in body, and protect against several health problems.

Types of Omega fatty acids : There are three types of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 include DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) presents in seafood and ALA ( alpha-linolenic acid) presents in plants. EPA is more beneficial for depression. Some foods provide omega 3 to your diet, example, fatty fish ( salmon and mackerel), flaxseed and chia seeds, Walnuts and Almonds.

1. Improve sleep quality

Research in Oxford University shows, sleep quality may improve with the regular intake of oily fish.

Studies in both children and adults also suggest omega-3 fatty acids based diet or supplementing with omega-3 may improve certain aspects of sleep and could protect against sleep disturbances. results in adults and children’s sleep being less interrupted and being longer.

Especially DHA which is type of Omega 3 may helps to improve the length and quality of your sleep.

2. Good for skin care and skin health

Omega-3 fatty acids can improves blood flow in entire body which helps face skin in many ways.

  1. can to balance skin hydration.
  2. delay and protect against premature aging of your skin.
  3. control oil produced by the skin and keep moisture.
  4. helps to reduce the risk of acne.
  5. Omega-3 can defend you against the negative effects of UV rays, may also help protect your skin against sun damage.

Note : This doesn’t mean that omega-3 supplements should use in place of natural sunscreen lotion.

3. Calm and relax your mind

Recent reviews on omega-3 supplements found to be effective for depression. Omega-3 can helps is stress management too.

Symptoms like sadness, mood swings, and a general loss of interest in life are associate with depression and stress. Proper intake of omega-3 source also encourages appropriate blood flow. Increased blood flow to body and brain regions are linked to increase greater performance on particular cognitive activity and brain functions, according to research on brain imaging.

Studies indicate that people who consume omega-3 regularly are less likely to have depression and calm mental health. healthy blood flow enhances happy Harmons, so it keeps you in a happy mood and make you calm under pressure from stressful situations like office and work stress.

4. Improving breathing and cardiovascular disease

Omega-3 fatty acids supplementation improves blood vessels function and oxygen uptake in high intensity training of athletes.

Cardiovascular disease and can be very dangerous sometimes. Asthma like disease caused by inflammation and swelling in the airways of your lungs and causes shortness of breath. Omega-3 may improves lungs function and reduce the risk of breathing problem while doing particular activity or exercising, probably because anti-inflammatory property of Omega 3.

5. Improves productivity and Improves overall performance

  1. Productivity : Omega 3 fatty acids boost happy harmons, mood and reduce anxiety, tension, and sadness, naturally. Omega 3 Fish oil supplements can beneficial for day to day work life balance. It helps to face multiple stressful situation and increases productivity and brain efficiency.
  2. Performance : By reducing inflammation and boosting blood it helps to increase physical activity and breathing. which results in good performance on field work. you may feel less fatigue end of the day.

Above you read omega 3 fish oil benefits but there are also few side effects of fish oil. so consult from experts or to your doctor about your dosage and limits according to your age and requirements.

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