13 Ways to Manage Mental Health During a Recession

The fear of recession impact on mental health, but there are many ways to manage it

In January 2023, the World Bank warned about recession in 2023, and predict global growth is likely to slow down. Inflation will rise, interest rates will effect the disruptions caused due to the Ukraine war.

Fear of layoffs and losing one’s job often rising, leading situation to despair. This can manifest in different physical symptoms like sweating, emotional unitability like sadness, hopelessness and reduced interest in daily activities or disruption like sleep problem, insomnia, appetite and sexual desire.

Its hard to stay calm and stable in such situation. but should try to find solutions by thinking differently how we can stay calm and sustain situation.

While feeling anxiety and depression is natural, it is also important to be able to manage emotions and symptoms equally together. so we are trying to explain some of the ways you can manage your feelings better.

1. Share your worries

Share your problem with close ones, friends and family members, as keeping them to yourself or in dark will be effect your mental health.

2. Acceptance

It could be a life-changing event, so worrying is only normal. Take your time, let storm pass and accept the changes a recession may bring.

3. Know that this are temporary situation

Relax and know that this storm will pass. Discussing, and writing own thoughts down will help gain different perspective in mind. Keep talking to your close ones. Do not hold thoughts and keep dealing with them alone.

4. Plan your finances

Analyze your assets and liabilities. Make a detailed plan for your financial path better.

5. Talk to your HR or company superiors

Discuss with your employer. Hopefully, you can find solution for now and calm your anxiety.

6. Have a healthy lifestyle

Unlock you power. regular exercise and diet helps to maintain a better balance of body and mind.

Take 20min walk whenever you find yourself overthinking, hit the gym, practice yoga and breathing techniques. Point to say is ensure that you move a you body little every day. Also, try to eat healthy, most of energy comes from nutrition so try to avoid processed foods.

7. Avoid toxic situation and people

None of things will help you to bring positivity in life no matter how much you try to get out of any phase of life, if you constantly indulge yourself in toxic situation and people. though we cant completely avoid Toxic people socially or filter out, but we can distance from them and save our mental peace and energy.

8. Make time for hobbies

Keep yourself busy by following you hobby. Explore some new hobbies and relaxing activities.

9. Get enough sleep:

Make sure you get 6-7 hours of quality sleep every day. Remember word quality, If you’re getting difficulty to sleep or waking up restless middle night, do practice few sleeping techniques.

10. Upgrade skills

Look for part-time or online course that you always wanted take or left any online course incomplete and try to increase your professional skill set. Watch trending podcast, growth videos, intellectual conversation which definitely give your mind boost for short term and long term it will definitely help.

11. Learn to stop negative thinking

Learn to think through the situation logically. Don’t pre judge or assume situation which unlikely to happen, It will only force you to step back or make you anxious to achieve target.

12. Focus on your own situation

Don’t panic about the news of high inflation and a struggling economy. The news provides general information as a whole.

Simply learn how to manage your own situation better.

13. Finally take yourself to professional therapist

Best way to solve confusion and find answers is therapy. Book appointment with your therapist, if required look for online therapy.

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