Insomnia symptoms and ways of treating insomnia

What Is Insomnia ? : Easy explanation of Insomnia, its sleep problem which have varies symptoms like difficulty falling sleep, feeling sleepy, or both at the same time. Such variety of factors can causes Insomnia.

5 Common causes of Insomnia / what causes insomnia :

  1. Stress, anxiety, depression
  2. work load
  3. bad sleep habits
  4. late night cravings or dinner ( avoid eating too much 2-3hr before bed )
  5. medical conditions, and certain medications

10 Common symptoms of insomnia include:

  1. Difficulty feeling sleepy at night
  2. Waking up at mid night
  3. Not going into deep sleep mode
  4. Shorter sleep time / Waking up too early
  5. Feeling tired in the morning
  6. Feeling sleepy all the time, Sometimes sleepy after eating
  7. Difficult to or Cant focus on work
  8. Brain fog, Over thinking, Sometimes feeling irritable for no reason
  9. Digestion problem
  10. Change in food habits, Sugar craving

To explain insomnia symptoms, we will divide Insomnia in two types, it can be short-term and chronic or long-term. Treating insomnia is easy, You don’t have to put so much efforts to cure Insomnia symptoms. Simply change your daily habits and making small changes in busy lifestyle can often helps.

Detail explanation of Insomnia cure and causes given below.

1. Mobile Screen effect on sleep

Excessively looking into or using mobile screen can disturb your sleep. Blue light from mobile screen on laptop, tablet, or digital clock on your bedside table may affect your sleep. Looking into screen can strain your eyes and eyes get dry.

Tip: Avoid using phone screen 1 or 2 hour before you go to bed. Turn on night mode or reading mode of you’re device.

2. Side effects of caffeine / coffee before bed

Coffee can be fine at morning. But after noon if possible better avoid caffeine in foods and drinks after mid afternoon. Even chocolate or dark chocolate ice scream can affect your sleep quality at night.

Tip: Some weight loss pills, pain relievers and fat burner contain caffeine in high amount.

Advice: If you suffer with anxiety, its important that you cut back on caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda as these can raise cortisol and make anxiety symptoms worse.

3. Avoid late night dinner or cravings

Avoid eating heavy meals too late or graving at night. Eating or craving late night you’re body will start digestion process and might take longer time to digest. They overload your digestive system, which affects on your sleep quality.

Tip: Finish eating at least 1-2 hour before bed. For late night craving, warm milk and chamomile tea are better choices.

Advice: Even drinking too much water before sleep can disturb sleep quality, So drink water in adequate amount. Immediately drinking water after dinner might slow down digestion process and will make you feel bloated.

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